Children Always Welcome

All children are welcome to join us at Kol Rinah. We believe that the presence of children in the room enhances the communal atmosphere, and we are committed to sharing the tefillah experience with them. Of course this means that the service will be punctuated by the occasional squeal of laughter or request for a lollipop. However, we do ask that parents use good judgment to prevent their children from becoming an active distraction.


If and when your children are ready to take a break from the tefillah, you are welcome to make use of our youth programming. There will be babysitting available for the duration of the service for children 18 months through eight years old, with snacks and toys provided.

In order to provide adequate supervision for all children present, our babysitters cannot bring children back and forth between the childcare room and the tefillah space. Please be sure to check in on your children throughout the morning.

For more information or to get involved in youth programming please contact us.

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