Structure of Tefillah

In our Shabbat morning tefillah, both women and men have aliyot and read Torah and haftarah. Women generally lead pesukei dezimrah and hotza'at vehachnasat sefer Torah, while men lead shacharit and mussaf. We daven with a mechitza in the context of a traditional minyan of ten men. For a detailed discussion of the halachot surrounding women's participation in Torah reading and in leading some parts of the service, please visit the links on our site.

Halachic Resources

Kol Rinah's ritual practices are grounded in the halachic articles of Rabbi Daniel Sperber and Rabbi Mendel Shapiro:

Get Involved

Would you like to leyn Torah or lead a part of our service? Please let us know that you're interested. If you would like to learn how to lead services, leyn, or daven, we will pair you with a teacher. Please let us know.

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